Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"After all, oftentimes it’s the things that bring us to our knees that remind us to look up. Sometimes being so low leaves us no reason but to rise above."

I know this is a food blog, so I apologize in advance for not posting any food, but I really wanted to share this. 

One of the few blogs I follow regularly is Sweet Tater Blog. Katie, the author of the blog, posted this last Wednesday. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE! You must watch the video, it's so good.

This really hit me hard today because I woke up in a terrible mood. No reason really...except for the fact I got up at 6am to workout only to realize I have been eating air and working out almost everyday and gained 1/2 pound this week. *shakes fist at the sky* 

You ever have those days where one bad thing starts a spiral of several others? So naturally I started thinking about how nothing ever goes right for me, how much I hate this cold weather and how much I need to GTFO out of Chicago. Which in turn caused an almost slap to the man next to me on the train ride to work (JUST MOVE OVER) among several other dirty looks to anyone who dared look my way. 

While eating lunch at my desk (because it's too damn cold to go anywhere in this God forsaken place) I was reading my daily list of blogs when I came across said post. It was like God was saying "Calm down bitch, read this." So I did. 

It reminded me of one very important point that I so often forget; Happiness is a CHOICE. You can chose to be angry because you live in the worst place in America (sorry I'm not sorry Chicago), that you would cut someone for a piece of cake, that you have to go to work today, that you have to stand next to a D-bag on the train, that you have a hole in your shoe (yeah, that happened too), etc, etc. can chose the latter, to be happy you are alive to live in the worst place in America, be happy you have food and nutrition, blessed to actually be employed, happy that YOU'RE not a D-bag, and be happy you have shoes at all (Just to clarify I am not a weird holey shoe wearing person, I didn't notice the large gash in my UGG until there was snow inside and I was halfway to work). 

So there's that. I CHOOSE to be happy today. Or at least not punch anyone in the face; which is saying a lot for me.


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